Optimal performance is important in competitive sport. Equine osteopathy helps prevent and heal complaints, leaving your horse free to deliver peak physical and mental performance. How does it work? Read more under Equine osteopathy.

Helping horses and people at the same time: it’s a prospect that has always enthralled equine osteopath Jelle Hoorens, who is himself a competitive show jumper. With his experience in the sport, he fully understands the importance of a properly healthy horse, especially at the higher competitive level. As a rider, he has a feel for horses, and this enables him to identify blockages quickly. He discovered at first hand that equine osteopathy offered a solution to the problems he sensed in his horses, where other treatment methods fell short. He therefore decided to practise equine osteopathy himself. In 2016 he completed the training courses for equine osteopathy, dry needling therapy for horses and sports physiology for horses accredited by the BCND (Association of Professional Practitioners of Complementary and Natural Therapies for Animals). With his ceaseless urge for perfection, he will do everything in his power to help your horse feel relaxed, in order to bring out the best in it.

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