Osteopathy is an alternative, holistic approach of medicine, not replacing the veterinary medicine, but rather with a complementary value to it.

The body is considered as one whole system and consists of a self‐healing capacity, that constantly is searching for the right balance. The osteopath searches the cause(s) of a problem and will not only treat symptoms.

Because all the different systems are connected to each other, several problems can be solved.

The goal is to (re)activate the self healing capacity, and hence improve the flexibility and the movement of the tissues, muscles, bones… .

To obtain this goal, the osteopath uses his hands by palpating and treating the body with, for example, manipulative technics.

Osteopathy consists of 3 systems :

  • the pariëtal system (bones and muscles)
  • the Visceral system (organs)
  • the Cranio‐Sacral (cranium, sacrum and movement of the cerebrospinal liquid that runs through it ).

The most common problems that can be solved are :

  • Prestation: refusal/running off after the jump,resistance, diminished leaning, loss of impuls, reduced or insufficient use of the back, blocking ...
  • Behaviour: head shaking , girthproblems,...
  • Fysical problems : stiff muscles, acidification, difficulties with bending over to one side
  • Fertility problems
  • ...